Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Day #9: Pancakes, Fried Dough and Skyping

Hey everybody!
My ninth day in the States started with some really yummy chocolate-chip-strawberry-pancakes. After that, we spend some time with Miranda and Laurel, before we went to a shop to by ´some canvas, Cloth and ribbon to make kinds of pinboards for me and the two Girls.
When we came home, I skyped with some of my German friends, which was really funny! (If you see this: Love and miss u!).
In the evening, we went to a - compared two the one in my city - small carneval, where we ate "Fried Dough", which is nearly the same as the hungarian pastry "lángos".
As you see, this was not a really Special/exciting day! :D
Chocolate and Strawberries Pancake

Buying the canvas


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