Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Day #10: Ice cream, Library Book Sale and "The Wizard of Oz"

Hey everyone!
My first little anniversary! I'm already here for 10 days now, but it really feels as if I were here for much longer already!
This day was definetely my favourite one until now:
After a lazy prenoon, we went about 45 minutes by car to "Randall's Farm", where I shared Oreo Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Ice cream with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge on it with Harrison. It was sooo delicious!
After that, I skyped with my family and two friends (if you see this: <3), which was really funny, before we went to the Library Book Sale. There were lots of books, separated in different "subjects" like fiction or history for between 0,50$ and 3$. I bought four different books for only 2$!!!
Then, we had some burger for dinner, which were really yummy again! (Although it was already my fourth burger within 10 days... :))
Afterwards, we put lots of Food and blankets into some bags and went to the "Tanglewood Festival", which is in Lenox at the Moment, to watch "The Wizard of Oz", which they showed there. It seemed as if the entire Pittsfield and Lennox would be there, but there was enough space for everyone! Before the movie started, we played cards and ate some of the Food. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle then, but everybody just put on his jackets or snuggled up in one of the blankets. Luckily, I understood the movie without big Problems and i really liked the movi and the hole Event as well!
And it was really comfortable, as (probably nearly) nobody smoked!


Oreo Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Ice cream with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge! *-*

Randall's Farm

Sooo many choices

The library

the library book sale :)

Chips that taste like Popcorn :D

Burger with Grapes, apple and pretzels pieces




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  1. Hi Sophie. Beneidenswert was du alles erlebst. Ist dir vom vielen Eis noch nicht schlecht? ;) Viel Spaß noch in deinen freien Tagen. MUM