Montag, 29. September 2014


Hey everybody!
As I'm having a free period now, I'm finally posting a new post!!! :)
Last week, nothing really Special happened. The weeks here pass by so fast... It starts with Monday, the first day of getting-up-early and the day ith the most homework. And then - clap clap - it's friday! The homework is much but it's definetely okay. At the Moment, we have two to three tests (bigger and announced) and around five quizzes (some announced, some not, but only about the homework).
On Thursday, the Horizons (a project, which allows us to spend every thursday prenoon in n office, kindergarden, schools and a lot more) season officially started with a site supervisor's tea, but unfortunately my site's Supervisor (a children Center) wasn't there.
This Weekend, I just "made" brownies (baking mix with eggs, oil and water), which where really good! On Saturday, i tried to get some work done and then G's fmom picked me, my roommate and two other Girls up and we went to the apple squeeze, which is like a market. It was so much fun! I ate a lot of Food and afterwards we went to my hostfamily's house, where we all put on Dresses and took lots of Pictures. Yesterday, I spent my whole day with homework and foodshopping! :)
German Sweets with my roommate :D

my desk

German cocoa with selfmade Cookies *_*

Prom-Pictures :D

me and my hostbrother

honey with taste (Lemon, raspberry etc.)


Baking Cookies in a big kitchen... :D :0

Pictures... :)

Montag, 22. September 2014

Pictures of the first two weeks

Hey everybody!
As the wifi finally works in my room again - thanks to the new modem right outside of my room - I'm showing you only some Pictures of my first two School weeks now, as I just don't take Pictures of my normal School day... :)
my dorm (I'm not sure if I din't already post it :D)

the stereotype-yellow-busses really exist!!!

my schedule

Volleyball games

Sundae Bar (every Sunday!!! :o)

selfmade crêpes

selfmade cookies

Samstag, 20. September 2014


Hey everyone!
As I already posted a lot about schooldays, I will tell you about my "normal" Weekends today. Here at Miss Hall's, the weekend "starts" officially at 5.30 p.m. on Friday and ends at 7.00 p.m. (Study Hall) on Sunday. During this we have some advantages: the wifi is turned off at 1.00 am, in-room-time is at 11.30 p.m. - instead of 10.00 p.m. -  and we are allowed to wear sweatpants, yogapants and distressed jeans all the time!

As we don't have Study Hall on Friday, I normally don't do all my homework after my last period on friday, but just go to Tennis (4.00 - 5.30) and then to dinner.
Every weekend, we have a different program that we know since the wednesday before. It includes lot of different opportunities, such as mall trips, Dances (nearly every weekend), trips to little shops, movie nights, visiting Festivals and a lot more! From wednesday on, we can sign up for everything, we want to do - we don't have to do something. Some of the trips are free and some aren't, some are at school and some are out of the campus. After dinner on friday, this program starts. All the girls, who have not signed up for anything on friday, can just do what they want to. Yesterday, for example, I only signed up for making Crêpes (really yummy!) and afterwards, I watched "Brave" (German Name: Merida) together with some other girls, which was really fun! :D
On Saturday, there are always soccer and volleyball games, other programm and the Dances. I have been at the Dance last weekend and it was really cool, but I won't go tomorrow as I don't need it every week... :)
On Saturday and Sunday, we only have brunch from 10.30 to 11.30 and dinner from 5.30 to 6.30. And every sunday evening we have a sundae bar, before we are having normal Study Hall... And then the week starts again! :/


P.S. If you have any ideas or wishes for other posts, feel free to write a comment!

Dienstag, 16. September 2014

A normal schoolday

Hey everybody!
So today, I would like to show you today, how a "normal" school day looks like for me (Monday and Tuesday).

So every morning (besides of Wednesday and Friday, look at my last post for more Information about it :)), I normally get up at 7:00 and then just get ready for start of school. At around 7:30, I'm normally going down for breakfast and taking my backpack and all my school stuff with me, as I don't have to hurry that much then. After having breakfast (cereals, fruits, eggs or lots of other things), I already have to go to the Classroom wing and to my Book locker, to get my books and my binders for the next period. And then, School starts! :) On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, I'm having all my courses and Wednesday and Thursday "share" the courses, so that we have two or three on one day, which is really comfortable!
I'm taking 5 courses, which means that I have two free periods every day. (I'll post a Picture of my schedule soon.) Then, between 11.20 a.m. and 1.25, I'm having lunch. At which time Im having kunch also depends from my schedule.
My School day Ends between 2.00 a.m. and 4 a.m. Afterwards, I'm having sports (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) from 4.00 a.m. to 5.30. a.m. and then I'm immediately going to Dinner (which is from 5.30 to 6.30). After the lunch, I'm mostly already going to my room to have some time to check my phone and to Chat with friends. At seven, Study Hall starts, which is for me, a "upperclasswomen" in my room for the first two weeks and afterwards, I'm allowed to go to the library or other olaces as well. These two hours of learning were enough for me so far, but I'm sure that it'll get a lot harder throught the year. But now I can tell u a Little bit about my classes:
I'm taking Latin IV, US History, Chemistry, Algebra II and English II. In my smallest class, Latin, we are only four Girls (me included), which means that you will be asked a lot of questions, but I really like this class and on Thursday, we are spending our Latin class in the Dining Hall and therefore we are all having breakfast while we are talking about LAtin, which is really comfortable and lots of fun!
All the other classes are a lot bigger (10-15 Girls) but still lots of fun! :)

And although it's only the first week of School, we already had Little test (Latin, Algebra and english) and will have lots of them this week (Reading Test in History right now and Hístory and Chemistry tests on Friday. These tests are another difference to Germany: Here, in the States, you are having a Little test about the homework or the lesson before around one or two times a week and bigger tests 2 times a month. While the teacher in Germany ask questions to ONE Person at the beginning of class, nobody does this "Kind of testing" here!

There is so much more that I could write about, but I have to go to my last two classes for today! :)


Montag, 15. September 2014

How a normal week looks like...

Hey everyone!
Here it finally is: my first weekly blog post! I'm really happpy about this decision (only two write one post per week) because we already got lots of homework... And it's only the first week!
First of all, that's how a normal week Looks like:

Monday and Tuesday:
7.15 getting up
7.30 breakfast
8.00 School starts
(Then, I am having between three and six 50-minutes periods and some free periods)
11.20-1.25 Lunch (either ´during F-Block or G-Block)
4.00 - 5.30 sports
5.30-6.30 Dinner
7.00-9.00 Study Hall
10.00 In-Room Time

Wednesday (definetely my favorite day here):
9.45 getting up! :)
10.00 breakfast
10.25 - 1.25 School
1.35 Lunch
4.00 - 5.30 sports
5.30 - 6.30 dinner
7.00 -9.00 Study Hall

7.30 getting up
8.00-8.50 Latin (in the Dining HAll --> Breakfast during latin :D)
9.30-12.30 Horizons (a volunteer program, where every Girl spends the whole time in a office or other place to work there, for me it's a children center! :))
and afterwards some more school and study hall, but no sport!

8.10 getting up
then like Monday and Tuesday but no study hall! :D

Saturday and Sunday:
changes from weekend to weekend; including trips to the Mall or cities, watching movies, cheering for games (soccer and volleyball), cooking and sooo much more!


Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Campus Tour

Hey everybody! :)
Welcome to a fabulous online-tour around the Campus of Miss Hall's! :)
Let's start and enjoy your tour!

- The tour guides -
(Me and Betty from China)
- The front circle -
the main "pick-up-place" for day students and the "face" of MHS.
But now... Let's go inside! :)
- The main stairs -
 to the Nurse in the 1st floor or to all the dorm.
Now, let's turn left.

- The living room - 
a more formal place to hang out, to Chat or just to wait for Food :)

The other side of the Living Room :)

- The Sun Room -
 a always bright place to make your homework :)

- The library - 
the place where we will have Study Hall

- The Senior Garden -

- The Student Center -
a place to watch TV or just relax with all your friends



- The School Store -
- The Laundry Room -


- Grose -
The Senior and Junior House

- The Pond -
my favourite place so far

- The Klein (Arts Center) -

- The Greenhouse -
The place, where Horizons takes place for the Freshmen

Samstag, 6. September 2014

Day #25: Giving Campus Tours, Meetings and a tripped fuse

Hey everyone! :)
Today,  after I went to breakfast together with my roommate, I had some free time, that I used to skype with two of my german friends (<3), but unfortunately it didn't work that good. Then, I went down to the living room, to get seperated into different Groups (mostly 2-4 members). I was in one Team with Molly, a really sweet day Student. Some minutes later, we did our fist tour! Although I had been a Little bit confused before as I'm quite a new Student as well, it was sooo much fun! We just showed all the places/rooms to them and brought them to the Admission Office. :)

Then, we ate burger with salad outside and it just loove the Campus! When we (Molly and me) were Standing in the Dining hall and drinking something, we met another Girl with her mother, who hadn't had a tour yet, so we made a shorter one for them. We had to do it shorter because of the "Opening Remarks" in the Woods Theater, we're basically nothing else happened than the typical speeches of important staff members. Afterwards, we had a really short advisor Meeting (just Exchange of phone numbers/emails).
As I read one of my summer readings about one month ago, I also read some of it during the "break" between this Meeting and the following Big/Little Sister Event, where we played some fun games to get to know to ach other better. Before the following dinner, I skyped with another friend from Germany and luckily it worked really well! :)

After the dinner (Pasta Bar), I basically just hang out in my room, decorating it a Little bit more, chatting with my roommate and other Girls and packing my bags for the retreat in a kind of outdoor Center, where we will got tomorrow and come back monday around afternoon. And then, suddendly, all our lights turned out. The crazy Thing was that for example my Alarm still worked. So we woke up one of our hall mums, who got the security officers, who actually "just" inserted one fuse. :)

Bacause of our overnight, there won't be a post tomorrow, but probably on monday I will write about both days. As school starts on Tuesday, I will only post one post per week (probably on the Weekend) from this day!

Klein (Arts Center)

the pond

our schedule for tomorrow *_*

fireworks! :)

Decorating my room... :)

Day #24: A roommate, more testing and a trip to the mall

Hey everyone!
So today, at around 1 (a.m.!), my roommate finally arrived! Some other MH Girls, who arrived around the same time, lost their luggage, so they had to wait... So I helped to find her pillow and Sheets and then we both got to bed! :)

After breakfast, we had some more testing (some reading comprehension and some creative writing, both definetely more difficult as yesterday) and then, we went to the living room, where we got our Smartcard photos taken. After the lunch, we had a class Meeting, where we talked about our Goals for this year and about our overnight in a kind of low ropes parcour. After having some free time, we had a "New International Students Meeting", where we learned about the dresscode (nearly everything besides ripped Jeans and too short skirts/Dresses/Shorts). Then, I met one of the Horizon's teacher in the library, and now I know that I'll probably work in the "Lenox Children Center", what I'm really happy about! :) Afterwards, we had dinner, before wen all got ready to go the Berkshire Mall! We spent most of the time in the Target, where I bought a box for the shower to put all my things inside, a letter box, a scissor, some Pins for my board, and some things for my bathroom like sunscreen... :)
When we arrived at MHS, we just went to our rooms, where I went on decorating my room!


my room from the "bed perspective"

Breakfast! *-*

Dinner :)

watching "Carries Diaries" with Pau

Miniooons! :D

Shopping trip

Shopping trip

my desk

my room again :)

Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Day #23: Lots of testing, watching movies and still no roommate

Hey everyone!
So today started with my first breakfast here (cereals and a banana :)), which was followed by a testing session... We all went to the gym, where we first wrote a test, which was similar to an ESL-Test and then had 20 minutes to write an Essay about one object, that describes us a Little bit. I Chose a Baseball, as it reminds me of my favourite Sport, of lots of friends, of leadership (Coaching teeballteam) and some other subjects. :D Both tests weren't that hard so I hope that I won't have to take ESL... :)
In the free time between These tests and lunch, I watched "Carrie Diaries" with Pau, one of the crazy Girls I wrote about yesterday, who is from Mexico! :D For lunch I had a (healthy! :)) salad and a Hotdog. Afterwards, we (Pau, me and Sofia, a Girl from Columbia, who lives in Katar at the moment) went to some different staff members to tlak about our schedules and our mail boxes and I bought a Miss Hall's water bottle as well :D. Then, me and Pau watched a Little bit more of "Carrie's Diaries" and afterwards, we went to the library, where we had to do a concussion test at our Laptops, which we will have to do again if we hurt our head because it will help the doctors to see if we have a concussion or not. After filling out lots of peronal Information and Information about our last concussion (who does know the date of his last concussion???) it mainly was made out of Little test about how fast you can react and about how good you can remember things. For example, they showed us about 20 words and afterwards they showed other words and we had to say whether this word was one of the 20 or not. :)

After dinner (salad and noodles and a Little bit of meat), we all went to the gym, where we played some icebreaking games again as well as games like Musical chairs. It was really funny! As everybody wanted to take a shower, most of us ran back to the dorms and luckily I was one of the first ones so I could immediately take a shower! Now, we just had a Group check-in/dorm Meeting, which was really funny!

Tomorrow, my roommate will hopefully arrive, as she didn't arrive yet... But everybody tells me, that in two months, I'll probably be happy about one night alone in my room, so I'm fine! :D Additionally, we will have our Smartcard photos taken, have some class Meetings and some more testing tomorrow. And at 6 p.m. we will go to the Berkshire Mall, where I'll buy some Little things... :)

Evening Snack (Cupcake and Hot chocolate :D)

Pau and me :D

Me in the library

Me and another ASSIST Scholar from Croatia (In the library, taking the concussion test ;D)

Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Day #22: First day in my dorm, lots of new people and Bingo

Hey everyone!
So today is my first post written in my dorm room! :)
This morning, I also got up quite early, as I wanted to say goodbye to the Boys. After just having a Sandwich for breakfast, we put all my luggage in the car and drove to MH, as G had preseason. Because of this, I already arrived at School at around 8:30 (instead of 11:30 :D). So I got my key and my FOB (the Card to get into all buildings) and just put all my luggage into my room. Then I went back to the Office, which sent me first to the Nurse (just to look if everything is complete) and then to another Office, which locked in my passport and the I-20. Then, I just went back to my room to unpack the first things, before I went to the Office of our academic Dean to talk with him about my schedule. Then, all new international students and their parents were invited to a "Welcome luncheon", where I already got to know to sooo many People! :) As my hostmum came, we both went up into my room to set up the fan that she gave me! (*_* <3)

Afterwards, I went to the Library to get my Laptop logged in into the scholl wifi and to "Register" my calculator, which I picked up at the School store. This was directly followed by a Campus Tour, which "just" showed us all the important rooms and buildings again. :)
As we didn't know all the names yet, two teacher organized a Kind of icebreaking game which actually just consisited of talking aout yourself and making an "interview". Luckily, I have already found two Girls (Freshmen) who are both as crazy as me and so we had much fun together! I really hope that we'll get friends... :D

After dinner (Chicken in a sweet Sauce, corn and some salad), we all played Bingo in the Dining hall, which was really funny! The Prices were different things from the School store from water bottles to hoodies! :)

I really love my room and all the other Girls and tomorrow my roommate will arrive! I'm so excited to meet her! Additionally, we will have some testings (one to determinate if we have to take an ESL course and a Enh´glish class or just the English class and a concussion testing!), so I'll go to sleep now, although we could stay awake 30 more minutes... :)

Love and see you tomorrow,

The Klein Arts Building and the Pond *_*

Campus Tour
my side of the dorm :) (more Pictures of Campus and dorm will follow in the next days :))

Bingo :D