Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Day #13: Boards, Miniature Golf and the Beach

Hey everyone!
So today was a really creative day, as we spent the entire prenoon with creating some bulletin boards. We had already bought canvas, fabric and ribbon on friday and today we (Miranda, Laurel, G and me) finally made them and I really love the outcome! At the end of this post you will find lots of pictures of the procedure, if you want to know how we exactly made them, just text me or write a comment! :)

After having some delicious salad for lunch (healthy food! :D), we (Laurel, Miranda, G,  Harrison, Renée and me) went to a Miniature Golf maybe 25 minutes away. It was really funny (but about 82 degrees hot!) and - although it was only my second time to play it - I won! :D Photos will probably follow tomorrow as they are still on Renée's phone!

As it was that hot, we went to a soft ice store, where I got some "chocolate covered strawberry ice", which unfortunately wasn't as good as it sounds and neither tasted like strawberry ice cream nor like chocolate. But it was still a great refreshment! :)

After we went back home and the two girls were picked up by their mom (no more babysitting!!! :)) we went to the beach again where we met the other family again and just enjoyed swimming in the still pretty cold lake.

After having meatballs for dinner, we all shared the rest of the "Dirt", which tasted different, as the pieces of Oreos were soft now. I'm not sure which one I prefer but I think it's the fresh, crispy one.

See you next time,
cutting and sticking the fabric

Decoration for the boards

Preparing the canvas

Preparing the canvas
Laurel's big one
Laurel and Miranda's small ones
My one (I really love it!)

salad with cold meat, apples, cucumber and blue cheese *_*

Dirt *_*

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