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Day #4: Class Day and Traditions of Our Cultures Night

Hey everybody!
Let's go on to the last day of Orientation!
On this day we were broken up in 7 Groups, in which we had 7 Lessons during the whole day (from 8:30 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. We talked  for example about Host Families, Life after ASSIST and Health Matters. After the last lesson, all scholars went together to the hill behind the Dining hall to take the popular orientation Pictures. First, a photo of all scholars together, then photos of the scholars of the different countries, some other photos (for example of all scholars who had bought a Sweater or t-shirt of Harvard and finally a photo of every Scholar. After that, we had free time to relax or to pack all things into the suitcases. At five, we made a Barbecue, which was really yummy! :)
Afterwards,  we had time to practice for the Nights of our cultures, which is a night, where scholars have the Chance to Show their talents on stage. We, some of the Germans, haad decided to do a Kind of Medley of the german Songs "Heut ist so ein schöner Tag (Fliegerlied)", "Das rote Pferd" and "we are the Champions" as Germany won the World Cup. At 7:00 p.m. we opened the Show! The Show was really cool and we saw lots of talents, for example dancing, singing or playing an Instrument!
The ASSIST staff had filmed a Little Video to the song "happy", which you can find HERE. I really love it! After the last "act", Mr. Stanley told us that ASSIST has 3 gifts: a backpack, a gazoo (a Little Instrument) and a t-shirt! When we all went out of the Hard Auditorium (the building where the Show took place), we had to say goodbye to each other, as we had to leave the Campus on Sunday by different times (some had to wake up at 4:30 a.m., some at 8:00 a.m.). It was really sad, but I'll meet the other German scholars in one year at the "Old meets new"-Meeting in August! :)
When we finally had said goodbye to everybody we went to our rooms to put the last things (for example the ASSIST backpack!) into our luggage. Then, we just went to bed.
Finally, I have to say that the Orientation was a really great time with wonderful Peers from all over the world, with a warm atmosphere and lots of fun! THANK YOU ASSIST!!! :)
See you,

the names Julia, Sophie and Pauline in chinese letters :)

Traditions of Our Cultures


Traditions of Our Cultures

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