Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Hey everybody!

It's Qiqi, Sophie's roommate! LOL I want to show some of the things that Sophie has taught me, so HERE WE GO!

Ich mag Schmetterlinge und klassische Romane. Pfirsiche ist meine Lieblingsfrucht . Mein Lieblingsbuch ist Sherlock Holmes. Sophie ist sehr seltsam. Sie zwingt mich, die deutsche Musik-Videos ansehen. Ich mag "Auf uns" von Andreas Bourani!

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

35 days - the countdown is on

Hey everyone!
So after a long, long time, here's finally a new entry!

Although there's not a lot happening right now, I just wanted to give you an update on everything that happened since spring break!

Right after Spring Break, the tryouts for Softball started and guess what - I'm in VARSITY now! Wohoooo! :D I am super excited to Play a Varsity Sport, especially as I'm the catcher now! :) Although we haven't won any of our 4 games yet, it's always a ton of fun and everybody is so supportive! Our Coach is really amazing as well as he exspects a lot from us, but also LOVES Softball and therefore he makes every practice fun!

A quick trip to B&J's after practice *-*

The Team :D

Probably one of my favorite days in April, was the 14th, as it was FREE CONE DAY!!! On this day, Ben and Jerry's gives out one free Scoop of any flavor you want! Obviously, I had to use this Chance and so I went there twice :D

At School, it's getting a Little crazy, as a lot fo teachers give us final papers, tests or a ton of homework to make sure we get everything done: history papers that have to be at least 2500 words long, English papers and so much more!

Two weeks ago, we went to our Horizons site for the last time. It was super sad to leave the Kids and the teachers because I always had a ton of fun and just loved working there! Last week, we did Little presentations to the Freshmen to Show them the sites they can go to next year!

Thinking about the fact that I will only be here for 7 more weeks is super weird and depressing. Although I am beyond excited to see my Family and friends from home again, I am also very very sad to have to leave all the great People here. I don't really know what to do without all my friends from here and I will miss them sooo much next year! For this reason, I decided to enjoy These last weeks as much as possible, and I've already planned several "photoshoots" with friends, made several bucket lists with things I still want to do before I go back and I'm just trying to do as much as possible in These weeks!

Snow... In April!
The weather here is completely crazy! Last monday, there was a giant thunderstorm, on Tuesdaay it was actually SNOWING, Wednesday was just freezing cold, and on Saturday, it was 20°C again...

Aditionally, I am part of the Class Day Committee now, which plans - as the name already Shows - the Class Day at the end of the year!

But yeah, this is basically all from my side! :) I am trying to post an update every Weekend now, so stay tuned! xD


Pics from my Horizons site



Freitag, 27. März 2015


Hey everyone!
During Spring Break which was the last two weeks, I had the Chance to go to Fl with one of my friends! Here are some Pictures of it! Enjoy!