Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

Christmas Break Day #1 and Day #2

Hey everyone!
So I decided to post more often during break as I have more time now!

This friday was our last School day! As my host sister had a Basketball Tournament both Friday after School and Saturday, I spent most of my time there!

On Friday, we ate dinner in a Little bar, where I had really good Quesadillas and an amazing brownie for Dessert! Having non-School Food was really nice too!!! :)

On Saturday, we went to the Tournament again - after making a short stop at School as I forgot my phone charger! :) It was a lot of fun to see the Team play! After having fried shrimp at Applebee's for lunch, Miss Hall's finally played in the finale - and they won! But as it was pretty late already, we just went back home!

Sunday was a lot more exciting. In the morning, we all were just sitting around in our PJs, playing Mario Kart, until my host sister's Little Cousin came to bake Christmas Cookies with us! We made delicious chocolate chip Cookies and adorable Reindeer Peanut butter Cookies and had a lot of fun! After she got picked up by her mother, we all went to pick the Christmas tree which was a totally new experience for me and it was also a lot of fun! In the evening, we just spent some time together and then, we watched "Sound of Music", which was really interesting and it was so funny to hear some german words, as it was filmed in Austria!

Tomorrow, we're gonna go to the Mall to get the last Christmas presents!

Merry Christmas and see you next time,

Montag, 17. November 2014

Spiritweek Pictures

Hey everyone!
As I'm still writing my longer entry about the last week, I will just Show you some Pictures from the Spirit Week!

Friday: Halloween


Monday: PJ-Day!
PJ-Day! *_*

Tuesday: Iconic Duo/´Twin-Day: Wizard of Oz - The Lion and Dorothene

Wednesday: Blue/Gold Day


Thursday: Colour Day - Black (no Pictures)

Friday: Crazy Day


Montag, 3. November 2014

Week #7: Long Weekend and Halloween

Hey everyone!

Last week was a normal one, but on Saturday, the Long Weekend started!!!

On Saturday, Convocation and the Installation of our new Head of School took place. Afterwards, I went back to my room to put all my things into my suitcase, as the Long Weekend was about to start!!! After spending a very lazy day, one of my friends picked me up to go to her house for the Weekend. On the way there, we stopped at a Halloween Store, which was so cool! She got herself an Anna costume (from Frozen) and I got crazy glasses for Spirit Week (see end of post). Additionally, we saw a just amazing decorated House, which even had a certain Radio wave, where the Music was connected to the lights at the house! When we finally arrived at her house, I got to know the rest of her Family and ate a really yummy (and spicy) Chili! AS it was already pretty late, we just went into her room and watched Frozen. It was my first time watching it and although I really liked it, I do not really enjoy the Hype about it...

After a really yummy breakfast - home fries, Bacon and omelet - we went to the Cinema, where we watched "Alexander and the horrible, no good, very bad day", which is very funny! Afterwards, we went to a grocery store, where we bought some ingredients for all the yummy things we had planned to bake during the Weekend! On the way back home, we stopped at a little farm to get eggs and milk and Jackie (my friend) and I took a lot of "artsy" Pictures! :)
After having really good Pumpkin Pie, we made some Mug-Brownies, which were really really yummy! And then, we went to her mother's house, where I met the cutest dog on earth! After this, we actually just watched movies! :)

Monday, we slept really long (11 a.m.) and just got up to get some bagels for breakfast and then returned back to the bed to watch some more movies. After we spent basically the whole day without moving :), we finally left the bed in the evening, as her sister had Swimming practice and we went with her. As it was pretty chilly outside, we went to a Little shop to get hot chocolate! And when we returned home, we continued watching movies! :)

On Tuesday, we got up pretty early, as her sister woke us up - thinking that we would have School...
So we watched movies again (Spy Kids 1-4 :D) before we went to her old School - together with another Girl, Hayden - where we took a lot of Pictures! :) In the evening, we made some brownies (with a baking mix :D), who were supposed to be in Disney shape (Mickey Mouse :D).

Wednesday was probably the most active day! :) We (Jackie, Hayden and me) went shopping! :) I got some really comfy PJ Pants, normal Pants and some Food! (Actually a lot of Food: D) Afterwards, we went to a really good Mexican Restaurant, where I ate a wrap with French fries, and where we spent two entire hours just talking! :)
Unfortunately, the Long Weekend was over, ´therefore I had to return back to School. On the way back, we stopped again at the Halloween store, where I got a banana costume! 

Just a normal day :)

As Friday was Halloween, we were allowed to wear our costumes during the day and additionally, we had a Fashion Show at Morning Meeting!  There were so many different kind of costumes! Some other bananas, Hotdogs, witches, minions, and lots of characters from movies! In the evening, we had the Spook Walk, which was organized by the Seniors and although it wasn't really scary, it was still a lot of fun! :)

Saturday and Sunday:
The Weekend was basically just Relaxing, going to a Dance on Saturday and studying for tests! :)

By the way, next week, we will have SPIRIT WEEK!!! During this week, every day has a Special theme and by Dressing up, you can earn Points for your Team (Blue/Gold).

Monday- PJ Day

Tuesday- Duo/ Twin Day

Wednesday- Blue/Gold Day! - support your teams!

Thursday- Color Day

    Seniors: Blue

   Juniors: Grey

   Sophomores: Black

   Freshman: Purple

   Faculty: any Pattern!

Friday: Crazy Day!!!

Halloween costumes...

Halloween costumes...

Halloween costumes... :D

Halloween costumes...

The magical house...  :)

crazy day costume :D

artsy pictures






"we don't have much decoration" :D

"we don't have much decoration" :D

"we don't have much decoration" :D

Brownies :D Before

And after :D

Movies and Popcorn = Long weekend

Swimming practice

hot chocolate...


Disney movies


The cutest dog in the world...



Yummy wraps! *_*

Tbh, Jackie has become such an amazingm friend already and I am so incredibly grateful to have met such a hilarious, caring and perfect girl and to have become so close. SIEB, if u should read this at any point, know that I love u to the moon and back and that ur one of the most important people on this earth. I'll miss you so much next year but I know that we'll alwayd stay friends no matter how ar apart we are and that you r just the best friend a gorl could ask for to be by her side through it all. I LOVE YOU! ❤❤❤

See you next time!


Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Week #5: Oktoberfest, USA vs Ecuador and Haunted House

Hey everyone!
So today I decided to finally write a normal weekly post again, as this week was a Little bit more exciting! :)

On´Monday, some Consultants (People who help Family to find the "perfect" School for their children) came to visit Miss Hall's and I had the Chance to observe a Panel, which was pretty interesting. But besides of that, it was just a regular Monday with lots of homework. Oh, and I got a letter from one of my friends from Germany (THANK YOU!!! <3)!

Just a regular Tuesday... :)

Although the Oktoberfest was already over, it was a Special "Oktoberfest"-Dinner today! Unfortunately it didn't taste that good; but at least it felt a Little bit like home to see everything in blue-white and German! :)

So this week was probably the most interesting Thursday so far!
In the first period, I had my first Latin Test (pretty easy :)) and then we went to Horizons!!! I had lot of fun playing with all the young Kids (some of them even remembered me!).
And after that, I had the Chance to join a dinner with some international Consultants - even one from Germany - and participate in a Panel discussion!

On Friday, after classes, I went to the Soccer game USA vs Ecuador, which was in Hartford, CT!
It was Landon Donovans last game and so there were 36,000 People there, which was a new record for this Stadium! It was a great game - including seeing a fan running to the goalie and taking a selfie with him during the game :D - and it was lots of fun! (final score: 1-1)



Saturday was a really lazy day. :D
But then, in the evening, I went to a Haunted Walk! It was divided in three parts: You started in a house - the theme was School -, where lots of People like teachers´, a librarian or other scary People scared you. Then you went up a mountain in a chair lift - in the dark - and at the top there was a part outside! We went through the Woods (in the dark with People jumping at you), were chased by a Clown with a chainsaw and finally arrived safetely at the lift again, where we went down again (including scaring the People who just came up :D) to go to the third part. This part was inside again and was really scary again! The whole Event was so much fun!

So today will probably be a normal, a little lazy sunday and later I will go to Ben and Jerry's (although it's really cold outside... :D) and have a Pizza Party! :D