Montag, 4. August 2014

August Seminar

Hello everybody!

Although it'll be more work, I've decided to write my blog in German AND English, because I think it'll be easier for everyone to follow my year in America then.

Yesterday evening, I came back from the ASSIST Seminar after a 7-hour-lasting train journey.
As I was living that far away of Düsseldorf, where the Seminar took place, I spent my whole weekend there, although the programme was only on saturday.

After the journey there, we went to a Restaurant next to the youth hostel, where I ate a really yummy tarte flambée.

On saturday, we first met the scholars, who just came back from to the US and who told us a lot about their year abroad. Unfortunately, nobody from Miss Hall's came, so I just talked with some other scholars. After that, we spoke about our flight and our luggage to make sure that every Thing will be fine on next Wednesday. After the lunch, we went near the Rhein to try some typical American sports like Lacrosse and American Football. As Lacrosse was so much fun, I'm currently thinking about changing my "Sport choices" for Miss Hall's...
As it began to rain only one hour later, we all played "Werwolf" together in the youth hostel. After that we had to write a letter to the future about our hopes, fears and exspectations, where I wrote about two pages... :D
Afterwards, we went to a Restaurant, the "Vapiano Düsseldorf", where I ate a really yummy Pizza Tropicale (with pineapple and ham).
At this Point, the Seminar was finished for us actually. But then we were invited to the bonfire of the "old" scholars, where we immediately tried an American "bonfire speciality": Just put a marshmallow over the bonfire and when it's soft put it onto a shortbread, press to pieces of chocolate into the marshmallow and put another shortbread above. And then: Enjoy your Chocolate-Marshmallow-Sandwich! :)
In spite of this Seminar and although there are only 9 days left until my flight, I actually still do not realize that I'll live about 6.400 kilometres away for 291 days very soon.
See you next time,

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