Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Day #14: High Ropes Course and the Day Student Party

Hey everybody!
After breakfast (just some cereals), we all went immediately to a High Roupes Course, called Caramount, as we knew that it would get hot later. It's a park with 12 courses of different difficulties. I only did some blue one's (third most difficult after double black and black), as I'm not that tall and it was soooo funny! Within these three hours, we had lots of fun!
After that, we made a short stop at a chocolate shop, where I got a chocolate covered pretzels with white, milk and dark chocolate chips. It was sooo delicious and do you even see the pretzel? :D
When we came back home, me and G just jumped into the shower really quickly and got ready for the "Day Student Party", at which I finally wasn't the only Boarding Student! :)
It was really cool to meet so many other Halls Girls (we were about 50 Girls), we played Twister, Spoons and Waterballoon Toss (two persons are facing each other --> one of them throws the waterballoon to the other one --> both take a step back --> other persons throws the balloon back...), ate Pizza and lots of other food together and just had lots of fun!

Especially after this day, i can't wait until I move into my new room, until school starts and until I meet 250 people from all sround the world! :) (Although I really love my host Family! <3)

See you next time,

Caramount (no Selfie actually)

me in the "Hamster Wheel"


chocolate covered pretzel with chcocolate Chips (milk, White and dark chocolate) *_*
Waterballoon Toss :D

Day Student Party

Day Student Party

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