Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Day #6: "Shopping", my third burger and BBQ

Hey everybody!
On Monday, my sixth day in the US, I woke up around 8 and after a short but delicious breakfast (Peanutbutter-Jelly-Sandwich) we drove about 15 minutes to a Mall, where we went to the Target inside, to buy some School stuff like Notebooks and Folders. After we finished this "Shopping", we went to a little Restaurant again, where I ate - guess what - burger with French fries. It was really really yummy, nut unfortuntely, I  forgot to take a photo. Afterwards, we just drove home, where G and I did some things with Miranda, a 8-year-old Girl, who G is "babysitting".

In the evening, the grandparents came to the house for a little BBQ with really yummy corn, meat, salad and some chocolate covered Pretzels (see Photo).


At the mall

Slackline! :)


my host Brothers in Action :D

Chocolate covered Pretzels

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