Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Day #2: Chapel, Games and Germany vs. world soccer game

Hey everybody!
Although ist Day #7 today, I will try to remember everything of my second day in the US.
On this day, breakfast started already at 7:00 a.m., which was really hard, because everybody wanted to sleep and afterwards, we had a "Meeting", where we talked about lots of rules, and important information. As Germany won the World Cup, ASSIST had decided to play a soccer match.: Germany vs. the world!

But first things first: After this meeting, we went to the chapel on the campus, where some other scholars were playing songs on their instruments or read some poems. It had't much to do with religion, but it was pretty cool! :) Then we first went to dormmeetings, which means that all Girls from one dorm sit down in the floor of their dorm and talk with their dorm parents and after that all scholars met outside to play some "Orientation Games", mostly icebreaking games.

Between the following lunch and dinner we had two different "lessons", one about "Cultural Entry and Support at School" and one about "ASSIST exspectations". Although we all had already walked around on the Campus, we had a (very short) Campus tour afterwards, where I took lots of photos of the really beautiful Campus. And then finally, nearly all scholars went to the Turf field to play or only cheer for the "Germany vs, the world" soccer game. Luckily, Germany won 3:2!!! :)

As the dinner had already been at 5 p.m., we had a Little "Snack" in the Dining room. When we came in, we saw nothing but muesli (cheerios), so everybidy ate them. Five minutes later, they finally arrived with the "real Snack",which contained differnet Cookies and bars, which I haven't eaten yet because I plan to give it to my friends from Germany... (If one of you see this: Love and miss u guys! <3!)


door of my dorm

Mr. Stanley making announcements in the Dining hall

Arts center

icebreaking games

trust-building games


watching the Soccer game

Me and two lovely Girls watching the game

Germany vs the World

field lines in black-red-Gold!!!

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