Montag, 25. August 2014

Day #11: Walk with Auggie, Starbucks, Church, Carneval and Dirt

Hey everybody!
My eleventh day in the States started with breakfast (PB Sandwich) and went on with a walk with Auggie in the forest on the MH Campus, which was definetely no fun as we were Kind of attacked by thousands of mosquitos! As m hostfamily knew that I have never been to Starbucks, they took me to one, where I had a "Mocca", which I really loved!
After lunch (pancakes with Bacon and chocolate Chips) I had some "free time", which I used to take a shower, write some mails to MH concerning my schedule and to make "dirt", a Dessert made of vanilla Pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar and crumbled Oreos. It's sooooooo good!!! :)
After that, we all went to church, which was a totally new experience for me, as it was 1) a catholic church and 2) in English. When we came back, we were supposed to pack some things for a sleepover in the LAke House, which is Frederick's parents' house and for which everyone of their children has keys.
Then, we went to the carnevval,, where I had some Chicken Fingers and French Fries, which were better than I had exspected and shared a Fried Dough. :) One story shocked me a little bit: In the night before, the giant wheel had been stucked and they had to get some Kids out of it by using ropes! :o
Because of all the mosquitos, bugs and the rain, my hostparents finally decided not to go to the LH today, but tomorrow. Instead of this, we just made some S'mores (graham Cracker - marshmallow - chocolate - graham Cracker) and watched "The amazing Spiderman 1".
I really loved this day!
My first Starbucks :D

Making Dirt

Making Dirt

Oreoooooos!!! *_* With twice as much filling inside!!! *_*

Making Dirt

French Fries and Chicken Fingers

Fried Dough *_*


Me and Harrison

Me and G

S'mores *_*

G, me and Harrison at the carneval

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