Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Day #7: A picknick, yummy ice cream and news from Miss Hall's

Hey everybody!
Compared to yesterday (Day #6), today was a really busy day!

After breakfast with Miranda and Laurel, the two girls who are spending lots of time here and who Gabriela is "babysitting", (Peanutbutter-Jelly-Sandwich again :)) we just played some games with them. Then we put lots of food into a basket to meet with two of G's friends from MH. Together with them, we made a little picknick in the Senior Garden. After that we walked a little bit around the Campus and I can definetely say that I love it ! It's so beautiful!!! :)

After having really yummy steak for dinner, we drove about one minute by car to get to a little ice store where I ate a huge scoop of "Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup Ice cream", which is a chocolate ice cream with some little pieces of chocolate covered peanutbutter inside. It's one of the best ice cream I've ever eaten! :) Additionally, I've found a new difference between Germany and the USA: In Germany, you usually pay about 1,5 Dollar per Scoop, so for two scoops you'd have to pay 3 Dollars. In this ice cream store, you had to pay 3 Dollar for one scoop and 3,50 $ for two scoops.

In the evening we finally received new information from MH as well. I know now that my roommate is from China, but had obviously been living here in the States for a couple of years. I also got my schedule for next year: I will take English 2 (no ESL! :o), US History, Algebra 2, Chemistry and Fashion Design in the first Semester and Latin V in the second one. A really crazy fact is, that ist seems as if there aren't enough people taking Latin V so maybe I'm going to take Latin IV but we'll see!

See you next time,


Miss Hall's

Senior Garden

Art Center

Miss Hall's

Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup Ice cream

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