Samstag, 30. August 2014

Day #16: JFK, a parcel from Germany and a delayed flight

Hey everybody!

As it's already 11:15 p.m., I'll write only very shortly about the day before yesterday. I hope that's okay for you! :)
As we actually wanted to pick up one of G's friend from JFK at 10:30, I put an alarm at 7.00 a.m. Unfortunately, her first flight was delayed, so that she missed her connection flight to America. Her "new flight" was scheduled to around 4:30! But as I wasn't able to sleep anymore, I just read in one of my boks from the Library Book Sale and ate my breakfast.
Some hours later, we got a call from my hostdad that the parcel from my parents from Germany had finally arrived (after around 2 weeks)! So we drove there to pick it up and when we came back I opened it! It contained mainly clothes that were to much for my suitcase, some dictionaries and some little things. After having a bagel for lunch, we (G, my hostdad and me) drove to NY!
After the about 3,5 hours long ride, where I got to see lots of the famous yellow taxis and some stadiums, we finally arrived at the Airport where we waited for G's friend, whose luggage unfortunately got lost! :( So she filled out a form and then we just drove back and made a short stop at Mc Donalds to get a short dinner (Chicken Nuggets and french fries) as we were all very hungry.

See you next time,

Bagel with cream cheese and Salami *_*

driving to NY

driving to NY

driving to NY

driving to NY

driving to NY

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Day #15: Skype, Soccer game and my Chemistry Book

Hey everyone!
So today was a lazy day again although it was the first School day for my host Brothers.
After having just some pancakes (again :)) for breakfast, I spent the whole prenoon with reading my summer reading and skyping with my Family at Germany, which I really enjoyed!

After having Belgian Waffles with Nutella (*_*!!!), Whipped Cream, Strawberries and Blueberries for lunch, I spent some more time at home, for example with putting all my photos onto my Laptop and "working" with some Pictures on my phone (I will probably Show you some examples tomorrow :)).
Then Harrison had a Soccer game about 40 minutes away, where all of us (besides of G, who was working) went with him. It was a really good game (Harrison's second 11 vs 11 game!), that finally ended wih 1-1. Unfortunately, Harrison got kicked into his culf, so that he couldn't Play the last 10 minutes. Luckily, he's all fine and nothing happened! :)

During the game, I also received my Chemistry Book from an "old" Sophomore for a Little bit more than the half of the Original, although it Looks completely new. And guess what - it has about 900 pages!!! :o As I was looking through it, I became really optimistic, as I think that I already know some of the subjects!!

See you next time,
Peanutbutter M&Ms *_*

Belgian Waffles

Soccer game

Soccer game

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Day #14: High Ropes Course and the Day Student Party

Hey everybody!
After breakfast (just some cereals), we all went immediately to a High Roupes Course, called Caramount, as we knew that it would get hot later. It's a park with 12 courses of different difficulties. I only did some blue one's (third most difficult after double black and black), as I'm not that tall and it was soooo funny! Within these three hours, we had lots of fun!
After that, we made a short stop at a chocolate shop, where I got a chocolate covered pretzels with white, milk and dark chocolate chips. It was sooo delicious and do you even see the pretzel? :D
When we came back home, me and G just jumped into the shower really quickly and got ready for the "Day Student Party", at which I finally wasn't the only Boarding Student! :)
It was really cool to meet so many other Halls Girls (we were about 50 Girls), we played Twister, Spoons and Waterballoon Toss (two persons are facing each other --> one of them throws the waterballoon to the other one --> both take a step back --> other persons throws the balloon back...), ate Pizza and lots of other food together and just had lots of fun!

Especially after this day, i can't wait until I move into my new room, until school starts and until I meet 250 people from all sround the world! :) (Although I really love my host Family! <3)

See you next time,

Caramount (no Selfie actually)

me in the "Hamster Wheel"


chocolate covered pretzel with chcocolate Chips (milk, White and dark chocolate) *_*
Waterballoon Toss :D

Day Student Party

Day Student Party

Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Day #13: Boards, Miniature Golf and the Beach

Hey everyone!
So today was a really creative day, as we spent the entire prenoon with creating some bulletin boards. We had already bought canvas, fabric and ribbon on friday and today we (Miranda, Laurel, G and me) finally made them and I really love the outcome! At the end of this post you will find lots of pictures of the procedure, if you want to know how we exactly made them, just text me or write a comment! :)

After having some delicious salad for lunch (healthy food! :D), we (Laurel, Miranda, G,  Harrison, Renée and me) went to a Miniature Golf maybe 25 minutes away. It was really funny (but about 82 degrees hot!) and - although it was only my second time to play it - I won! :D Photos will probably follow tomorrow as they are still on Renée's phone!

As it was that hot, we went to a soft ice store, where I got some "chocolate covered strawberry ice", which unfortunately wasn't as good as it sounds and neither tasted like strawberry ice cream nor like chocolate. But it was still a great refreshment! :)

After we went back home and the two girls were picked up by their mom (no more babysitting!!! :)) we went to the beach again where we met the other family again and just enjoyed swimming in the still pretty cold lake.

After having meatballs for dinner, we all shared the rest of the "Dirt", which tasted different, as the pieces of Oreos were soft now. I'm not sure which one I prefer but I think it's the fresh, crispy one.

See you next time,
cutting and sticking the fabric

Decoration for the boards

Preparing the canvas

Preparing the canvas
Laurel's big one
Laurel and Miranda's small ones
My one (I really love it!)

salad with cold meat, apples, cucumber and blue cheese *_*

Dirt *_*

Montag, 25. August 2014

Day #12: Lake House, Kajaking and Pulled Pork

Hey everybody!
After some hot Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donut for breakfast (so delicious!!!), we drove immediately about 20 minutes to the Lake House, where we just put all the bags into the house before we put three kajaks out of the garage and went kajaking a little bit on the lake. It was really funny and cool to paddle on this big, limpid and cold lake!
Afterwards, I had a PBJ and an apple for lunch, before about 15 other people (parents with their kids) arrived and we all went swimming in the quite cold lake.
After that, we had burger with cheese and Pulled Pork (which I'm not a big fan of) and lots of salad.
Then we just played some games like "Spoons" again, before we got the "Dirt" as the dessert. It was soooo good! There was also a Peppermint-Chocolate Ice cream, but as I really hate Peppermint, I just changed with one of the girls, so that I even got more Dirt! As some of the others had to go then, we just played for example "Twister"or "Apples to Apples" in a smaller group, which was lot of fun!

All together, it was a really cool and funny day!

Kajaking with Harrison and G (in the yellow kajak)

The lake

Pulling out the kajak afterwards

Auggie (who is sitting there just because of the orange toy in G's right Hand :D), G and me

Living room and view to the lake


The lake again

Day #11: Walk with Auggie, Starbucks, Church, Carneval and Dirt

Hey everybody!
My eleventh day in the States started with breakfast (PB Sandwich) and went on with a walk with Auggie in the forest on the MH Campus, which was definetely no fun as we were Kind of attacked by thousands of mosquitos! As m hostfamily knew that I have never been to Starbucks, they took me to one, where I had a "Mocca", which I really loved!
After lunch (pancakes with Bacon and chocolate Chips) I had some "free time", which I used to take a shower, write some mails to MH concerning my schedule and to make "dirt", a Dessert made of vanilla Pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar and crumbled Oreos. It's sooooooo good!!! :)
After that, we all went to church, which was a totally new experience for me, as it was 1) a catholic church and 2) in English. When we came back, we were supposed to pack some things for a sleepover in the LAke House, which is Frederick's parents' house and for which everyone of their children has keys.
Then, we went to the carnevval,, where I had some Chicken Fingers and French Fries, which were better than I had exspected and shared a Fried Dough. :) One story shocked me a little bit: In the night before, the giant wheel had been stucked and they had to get some Kids out of it by using ropes! :o
Because of all the mosquitos, bugs and the rain, my hostparents finally decided not to go to the LH today, but tomorrow. Instead of this, we just made some S'mores (graham Cracker - marshmallow - chocolate - graham Cracker) and watched "The amazing Spiderman 1".
I really loved this day!
My first Starbucks :D

Making Dirt

Making Dirt

Oreoooooos!!! *_* With twice as much filling inside!!! *_*

Making Dirt

French Fries and Chicken Fingers

Fried Dough *_*


Me and Harrison

Me and G

S'mores *_*

G, me and Harrison at the carneval

Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Day #10: Ice cream, Library Book Sale and "The Wizard of Oz"

Hey everyone!
My first little anniversary! I'm already here for 10 days now, but it really feels as if I were here for much longer already!
This day was definetely my favourite one until now:
After a lazy prenoon, we went about 45 minutes by car to "Randall's Farm", where I shared Oreo Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Ice cream with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge on it with Harrison. It was sooo delicious!
After that, I skyped with my family and two friends (if you see this: <3), which was really funny, before we went to the Library Book Sale. There were lots of books, separated in different "subjects" like fiction or history for between 0,50$ and 3$. I bought four different books for only 2$!!!
Then, we had some burger for dinner, which were really yummy again! (Although it was already my fourth burger within 10 days... :))
Afterwards, we put lots of Food and blankets into some bags and went to the "Tanglewood Festival", which is in Lenox at the Moment, to watch "The Wizard of Oz", which they showed there. It seemed as if the entire Pittsfield and Lennox would be there, but there was enough space for everyone! Before the movie started, we played cards and ate some of the Food. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle then, but everybody just put on his jackets or snuggled up in one of the blankets. Luckily, I understood the movie without big Problems and i really liked the movi and the hole Event as well!
And it was really comfortable, as (probably nearly) nobody smoked!


Oreo Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Ice cream with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge! *-*

Randall's Farm

Sooo many choices

The library

the library book sale :)

Chips that taste like Popcorn :D

Burger with Grapes, apple and pretzels pieces