Montag, 29. September 2014


Hey everybody!
As I'm having a free period now, I'm finally posting a new post!!! :)
Last week, nothing really Special happened. The weeks here pass by so fast... It starts with Monday, the first day of getting-up-early and the day ith the most homework. And then - clap clap - it's friday! The homework is much but it's definetely okay. At the Moment, we have two to three tests (bigger and announced) and around five quizzes (some announced, some not, but only about the homework).
On Thursday, the Horizons (a project, which allows us to spend every thursday prenoon in n office, kindergarden, schools and a lot more) season officially started with a site supervisor's tea, but unfortunately my site's Supervisor (a children Center) wasn't there.
This Weekend, I just "made" brownies (baking mix with eggs, oil and water), which where really good! On Saturday, i tried to get some work done and then G's fmom picked me, my roommate and two other Girls up and we went to the apple squeeze, which is like a market. It was so much fun! I ate a lot of Food and afterwards we went to my hostfamily's house, where we all put on Dresses and took lots of Pictures. Yesterday, I spent my whole day with homework and foodshopping! :)
German Sweets with my roommate :D

my desk

German cocoa with selfmade Cookies *_*

Prom-Pictures :D

me and my hostbrother

honey with taste (Lemon, raspberry etc.)


Baking Cookies in a big kitchen... :D :0

Pictures... :)

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