Montag, 1. September 2014

Day #18: Skype, Soccer Tournament and Foodshopping

Hey everybody!
On Saturday, I put an Alarm on 7:30 a.m., as I wanted to skype with my parents. It was really helpful and I'm absolutely sure now, that I will Change my Fashion Deesign into Photography.
After this and a Sandwich, we all (besides G who had preseason) went to a Soccer tournament, where Harrison had two games, one around 10:30 and one during prenoon. Harrison and his Team played really well and so they won their first game! (3:2). On the way back home, My hostmum took me with her to a big big Supermarket (which is usually for Restaurants or other businesses), where everything was in bigger size, for example a 54 ounces (~1,62kg) skittles size! :o
After having some Sandwiches for lunch, we went back to the tournament to watch Harrison's second game, which they won as well! (6:1) As it was really hot, we drove to the house of one of Harrison's teammates, where we jumped into their pool (I was hugged and jumped in the pool without purpose :D) and ate some Pizza.
At home, I just took a shower and we watched some TV!

Passion Tea Lemonade again :)

Soccer game


54 ounces (=1,7kg!) skittles *-*

Trail Mix

Pictures with Aviary

Pictures with Aviary

Pictures with Aviary

Pictures with Aviary

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