Samstag, 6. September 2014

Day #24: A roommate, more testing and a trip to the mall

Hey everyone!
So today, at around 1 (a.m.!), my roommate finally arrived! Some other MH Girls, who arrived around the same time, lost their luggage, so they had to wait... So I helped to find her pillow and Sheets and then we both got to bed! :)

After breakfast, we had some more testing (some reading comprehension and some creative writing, both definetely more difficult as yesterday) and then, we went to the living room, where we got our Smartcard photos taken. After the lunch, we had a class Meeting, where we talked about our Goals for this year and about our overnight in a kind of low ropes parcour. After having some free time, we had a "New International Students Meeting", where we learned about the dresscode (nearly everything besides ripped Jeans and too short skirts/Dresses/Shorts). Then, I met one of the Horizon's teacher in the library, and now I know that I'll probably work in the "Lenox Children Center", what I'm really happy about! :) Afterwards, we had dinner, before wen all got ready to go the Berkshire Mall! We spent most of the time in the Target, where I bought a box for the shower to put all my things inside, a letter box, a scissor, some Pins for my board, and some things for my bathroom like sunscreen... :)
When we arrived at MHS, we just went to our rooms, where I went on decorating my room!


my room from the "bed perspective"

Breakfast! *-*

Dinner :)

watching "Carries Diaries" with Pau

Miniooons! :D

Shopping trip

Shopping trip

my desk

my room again :)

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