Montag, 1. September 2014

Day #17: Brunch, Target and delicious cookies

Hey everybody! :)
As I have been really tired from the day before, I slept until 10:30 a.m., before we went to a diner called "Otto's", where I had two egges, Bacon, Toast and homefries. It was really good, besides of the homefries, which I just didn't like. Afterwards, we drove to MH to bring G to preseason. I figured out that I'm living in Room 324, which is a small, but comfortable room in the Main Building. As the luggage didn't arrive yet, we (my hostmum, G's friend and me) went to Target to buy some Sport clothes for G#s friend, who went to preseason. I bought some clothes hanger, shampoo and some Little things for School. Additionally, I've seen lots of (crazy) m&m's like "Pumpkin spice" or "Birthday Cake". :) As the target also had a Starbucks, we went there and I got a really delicious and refreshing "Passion Tea Lemonade. Then, we brought G's friend to School for preseasonand went to see the first tournament of the MH Soccer Team. Unfortunately, they lost all three. :(
On the way back home, we stopped at G's graandparents' house to pick up the Cookies, which they baked for us, as "our" oven can't be fixed until the second week of September. The Cookies were sooooooooooo delicious!!!

My breakfast

Miss Hall's

Crazy m&ms flavours :)

Crazy m&ms flavours :)

Passion Tea Lemonade *-*

"New Students Board"

First MHS Soccer game!

The best Cookies in the world *_*

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