Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Campus Tour

Hey everybody! :)
Welcome to a fabulous online-tour around the Campus of Miss Hall's! :)
Let's start and enjoy your tour!

- The tour guides -
(Me and Betty from China)
- The front circle -
the main "pick-up-place" for day students and the "face" of MHS.
But now... Let's go inside! :)
- The main stairs -
 to the Nurse in the 1st floor or to all the dorm.
Now, let's turn left.

- The living room - 
a more formal place to hang out, to Chat or just to wait for Food :)

The other side of the Living Room :)

- The Sun Room -
 a always bright place to make your homework :)

- The library - 
the place where we will have Study Hall

- The Senior Garden -

- The Student Center -
a place to watch TV or just relax with all your friends



- The School Store -
- The Laundry Room -


- Grose -
The Senior and Junior House

- The Pond -
my favourite place so far

- The Klein (Arts Center) -

- The Greenhouse -
The place, where Horizons takes place for the Freshmen

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  1. Great, Sophie, what a wunderful idea! Enyou it, Mum.