Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Day #20: Just a lazy day and Foodshopping

Hey everyone!
Although nobody had to go to work/School today, it was a really lazy day (for me :)). The only Thing that we Didi (besides of reading and eating crushed ice because it has more than 90 degrees!!!) was foodshopping. We went to a normal Supermarket, which was similar to the German "Rewe". There were lots of Sweets and other unhealthy things, but I "only" bought two Sweets: a new Kind of Skittles and Nerds. I can't wait to try them!
I'm sorry that this entry is that short, but nothing else happened! And I can't believe that I will move into MHS in only two days!!! :o
sounds crazy :o
YumYum :D

More Pretzels than in Germany!

Sooo many Chips!!!

Pop Tarts...

Í want this in Germany

My new Sweets *_*

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