Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

USA vs. Germany: Classes

Hey everyone,

so finally here is a new post! And as most of the time is just normal and the weekly Posts therefore would be boring, I decided to start a new Topic: USA vs. Germany. For this Topic, I will compare these two countries in different things like Food, honor code etc.

Today, I will talk about classes.

So here at MHS, I'm taking five classes of the size from 4 (Latin) to 15 (Us History). We have all the classes four times a week.While the class has a classroom and the teacher are changing classrooms in Germany, here in America, the teacher have their classrooms and so you Change classrooms after each period. As the classes are that small, you speak in class a lot more! We get homework every day and we get grades on all of our homework nearly every day. But while the grades in Germany are more based on right/wrong, here at MHS, your effort often Counts more. For example in Math, our teacher only Looks over it to see if you tried to solve very Problem and bases our grade on this.

In Addition to These homework grades and participation grades we - of course - also have tests and quizzes. Quizzes are short and they do not have to be announced before, while tests are about more Topics and have to be announced. Some teacher make quizzes after each chapter in the textbook, so that we already had three tests, other teachers didn't make any tests at all so far.

I personally prefer the system here at MHS, as I personally don't like the "quizzing" of only one Person, as I know it from Germany. Additionally, all teachers teach with such big enthusiasm here!


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