Samstag, 6. September 2014

Day #25: Giving Campus Tours, Meetings and a tripped fuse

Hey everyone! :)
Today,  after I went to breakfast together with my roommate, I had some free time, that I used to skype with two of my german friends (<3), but unfortunately it didn't work that good. Then, I went down to the living room, to get seperated into different Groups (mostly 2-4 members). I was in one Team with Molly, a really sweet day Student. Some minutes later, we did our fist tour! Although I had been a Little bit confused before as I'm quite a new Student as well, it was sooo much fun! We just showed all the places/rooms to them and brought them to the Admission Office. :)

Then, we ate burger with salad outside and it just loove the Campus! When we (Molly and me) were Standing in the Dining hall and drinking something, we met another Girl with her mother, who hadn't had a tour yet, so we made a shorter one for them. We had to do it shorter because of the "Opening Remarks" in the Woods Theater, we're basically nothing else happened than the typical speeches of important staff members. Afterwards, we had a really short advisor Meeting (just Exchange of phone numbers/emails).
As I read one of my summer readings about one month ago, I also read some of it during the "break" between this Meeting and the following Big/Little Sister Event, where we played some fun games to get to know to ach other better. Before the following dinner, I skyped with another friend from Germany and luckily it worked really well! :)

After the dinner (Pasta Bar), I basically just hang out in my room, decorating it a Little bit more, chatting with my roommate and other Girls and packing my bags for the retreat in a kind of outdoor Center, where we will got tomorrow and come back monday around afternoon. And then, suddendly, all our lights turned out. The crazy Thing was that for example my Alarm still worked. So we woke up one of our hall mums, who got the security officers, who actually "just" inserted one fuse. :)

Bacause of our overnight, there won't be a post tomorrow, but probably on monday I will write about both days. As school starts on Tuesday, I will only post one post per week (probably on the Weekend) from this day!

Klein (Arts Center)

the pond

our schedule for tomorrow *_*

fireworks! :)

Decorating my room... :)

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