Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Day #22: First day in my dorm, lots of new people and Bingo

Hey everyone!
So today is my first post written in my dorm room! :)
This morning, I also got up quite early, as I wanted to say goodbye to the Boys. After just having a Sandwich for breakfast, we put all my luggage in the car and drove to MH, as G had preseason. Because of this, I already arrived at School at around 8:30 (instead of 11:30 :D). So I got my key and my FOB (the Card to get into all buildings) and just put all my luggage into my room. Then I went back to the Office, which sent me first to the Nurse (just to look if everything is complete) and then to another Office, which locked in my passport and the I-20. Then, I just went back to my room to unpack the first things, before I went to the Office of our academic Dean to talk with him about my schedule. Then, all new international students and their parents were invited to a "Welcome luncheon", where I already got to know to sooo many People! :) As my hostmum came, we both went up into my room to set up the fan that she gave me! (*_* <3)

Afterwards, I went to the Library to get my Laptop logged in into the scholl wifi and to "Register" my calculator, which I picked up at the School store. This was directly followed by a Campus Tour, which "just" showed us all the important rooms and buildings again. :)
As we didn't know all the names yet, two teacher organized a Kind of icebreaking game which actually just consisited of talking aout yourself and making an "interview". Luckily, I have already found two Girls (Freshmen) who are both as crazy as me and so we had much fun together! I really hope that we'll get friends... :D

After dinner (Chicken in a sweet Sauce, corn and some salad), we all played Bingo in the Dining hall, which was really funny! The Prices were different things from the School store from water bottles to hoodies! :)

I really love my room and all the other Girls and tomorrow my roommate will arrive! I'm so excited to meet her! Additionally, we will have some testings (one to determinate if we have to take an ESL course and a Enh´glish class or just the English class and a concussion testing!), so I'll go to sleep now, although we could stay awake 30 more minutes... :)

Love and see you tomorrow,

The Klein Arts Building and the Pond *_*

Campus Tour
my side of the dorm :) (more Pictures of Campus and dorm will follow in the next days :))

Bingo :D

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