Montag, 1. September 2014

Day #19: Church, Soccer Tournament again and Ice cream

Hey everyone!
Today, I had to get up quite early (7:15) as we went ´to the church at 8 o'clock. Unfortunately, it was a lot less interesting as last time. :/
After that, we came back home to eat (some more) breakfast, before we went to Harrison's next games. As they were playing very well again, they won their last game in the "Group stage" too and so they got into the semifinal! :) After having a hamburger for lunch and making a short break at Harrison's friend's pool again, we went back for the semifinal, which they won again! (5:1) Then we were just waiting for the final, which was one of the best and most exciting games I've ever seen! Although it was 1:0 (for the other Team) in the halftime break, Harrison's Team fighted back (with a beautiful Goal by Harrison) so that it was 2:2 at the end of the regular time. After a first extra time wwithout Goals, there was about half a Minute left, when one f Harrison's Team kicked the balll straight into the right Corner. Everybody was shouting and clapping and then the second extra time was gone and Lenox (Harrison's Team) was the winner of the U12-Boys-Tournament!
To "celebrate" this, we stopped at "Local Lee", the ice cream store where I had this delicious Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup Ice Cream, where I got "Bumpy Highway" this time, which was a chocolate based ice cream with almonds, chocolate Chips and marshmallows. It was soo good! *-*
Then, we just had some Tacos for dinner and watched the beautiful film "Blind Side" which I really love! :)

a dog waiting for ice cream :D

Harrison's team

Champion! :D

my "Bumpy Highway" and G's "Coffee Oreo" *_*

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