Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Day #23: Lots of testing, watching movies and still no roommate

Hey everyone!
So today started with my first breakfast here (cereals and a banana :)), which was followed by a testing session... We all went to the gym, where we first wrote a test, which was similar to an ESL-Test and then had 20 minutes to write an Essay about one object, that describes us a Little bit. I Chose a Baseball, as it reminds me of my favourite Sport, of lots of friends, of leadership (Coaching teeballteam) and some other subjects. :D Both tests weren't that hard so I hope that I won't have to take ESL... :)
In the free time between These tests and lunch, I watched "Carrie Diaries" with Pau, one of the crazy Girls I wrote about yesterday, who is from Mexico! :D For lunch I had a (healthy! :)) salad and a Hotdog. Afterwards, we (Pau, me and Sofia, a Girl from Columbia, who lives in Katar at the moment) went to some different staff members to tlak about our schedules and our mail boxes and I bought a Miss Hall's water bottle as well :D. Then, me and Pau watched a Little bit more of "Carrie's Diaries" and afterwards, we went to the library, where we had to do a concussion test at our Laptops, which we will have to do again if we hurt our head because it will help the doctors to see if we have a concussion or not. After filling out lots of peronal Information and Information about our last concussion (who does know the date of his last concussion???) it mainly was made out of Little test about how fast you can react and about how good you can remember things. For example, they showed us about 20 words and afterwards they showed other words and we had to say whether this word was one of the 20 or not. :)

After dinner (salad and noodles and a Little bit of meat), we all went to the gym, where we played some icebreaking games again as well as games like Musical chairs. It was really funny! As everybody wanted to take a shower, most of us ran back to the dorms and luckily I was one of the first ones so I could immediately take a shower! Now, we just had a Group check-in/dorm Meeting, which was really funny!

Tomorrow, my roommate will hopefully arrive, as she didn't arrive yet... But everybody tells me, that in two months, I'll probably be happy about one night alone in my room, so I'm fine! :D Additionally, we will have our Smartcard photos taken, have some class Meetings and some more testing tomorrow. And at 6 p.m. we will go to the Berkshire Mall, where I'll buy some Little things... :)

Evening Snack (Cupcake and Hot chocolate :D)

Pau and me :D

Me in the library

Me and another ASSIST Scholar from Croatia (In the library, taking the concussion test ;D)

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