Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Day #21: Last day with my hostfamily, yummy pancakes and a really hot day again

Hey everyone!
As today was my last day with my amazing and just wonderful hostfamily, G decided to bake some Oreo- and S'mores-Pancakes for me. They were so good! :D
Afterwards, I went shopping with my hostmum and I bought an adapter for my laptop, as it did not fit into my other adapters and a cup to put in pens or sweets for my desk in my dorm. Aditionally, we went foodshopping again to buy sausages for lunch and fruits.
Then, G and I spent nearly the whole day in my room, as it had around 95 degrees outside and as my room has an "air conditioner" which made my room to the coldest one in the whole house! We first personalized our notebooks and then watched some TV, while we were putting our feet into a bowl with cold water... Soooo refreshing! When the Boys came home, we all had some things for lunch (I had a Turkey-cheese-Sandwich and a Nectarine) and me and Gabriela just stayed in my room to watch the rest of the TV Show.
After having some sausages with Spargel :D and the German mustard I brought with me, we had a delicious dessert: Vanilla ice cream with Whipped Cream and Hot Fudge. I loove Hot Fudge!!! :D
As it was already 9:00 p.m. and the boys are having school tomorrow, they went to bed and I put some tape on my notebooks to protect the selfmade "Stickers" with my name on it. And I also finished packing all my things back into my suitcases. Because of the parcel from Germany and some things like sheets, comforter etc. it became a lot more! :D

As I'm moving to school tomorrow and start my "Orientation", I will probably have lots of things to do, so that I maybe won't be able to post something every day. After the Orientation, which ends next monday, my "normal" school will start and as nothing special will happen every day, I decided to write one post per week, probably mostly between friday evening and sunday noon. If anyone wants to skype with me, this will be the best time as well. (And I would love o hear from Germany! :))

I really can't believe that I'm here for already three weeks now, because time runs so fast! Although I would love to be with all of you in Germany, I really enjoy my time here and I'm looking Forward to moving into School ! (I would love to stay with my hostfamily though... :))

mixing the pancake batter with Crackers, marshmallows and chocolate *_*

S'mores Pancake (tastes a lot better than it Looks :D)

Pancaaaakes! :D

Oreo-Pancake (Yumyum!)

taking a refreshing "bath" *-*

a Little bit more than in the beginning :0

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