Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Week #5: Oktoberfest, USA vs Ecuador and Haunted House

Hey everyone!
So today I decided to finally write a normal weekly post again, as this week was a Little bit more exciting! :)

On´Monday, some Consultants (People who help Family to find the "perfect" School for their children) came to visit Miss Hall's and I had the Chance to observe a Panel, which was pretty interesting. But besides of that, it was just a regular Monday with lots of homework. Oh, and I got a letter from one of my friends from Germany (THANK YOU!!! <3)!

Just a regular Tuesday... :)

Although the Oktoberfest was already over, it was a Special "Oktoberfest"-Dinner today! Unfortunately it didn't taste that good; but at least it felt a Little bit like home to see everything in blue-white and German! :)

So this week was probably the most interesting Thursday so far!
In the first period, I had my first Latin Test (pretty easy :)) and then we went to Horizons!!! I had lot of fun playing with all the young Kids (some of them even remembered me!).
And after that, I had the Chance to join a dinner with some international Consultants - even one from Germany - and participate in a Panel discussion!

On Friday, after classes, I went to the Soccer game USA vs Ecuador, which was in Hartford, CT!
It was Landon Donovans last game and so there were 36,000 People there, which was a new record for this Stadium! It was a great game - including seeing a fan running to the goalie and taking a selfie with him during the game :D - and it was lots of fun! (final score: 1-1)



Saturday was a really lazy day. :D
But then, in the evening, I went to a Haunted Walk! It was divided in three parts: You started in a house - the theme was School -, where lots of People like teachers´, a librarian or other scary People scared you. Then you went up a mountain in a chair lift - in the dark - and at the top there was a part outside! We went through the Woods (in the dark with People jumping at you), were chased by a Clown with a chainsaw and finally arrived safetely at the lift again, where we went down again (including scaring the People who just came up :D) to go to the third part. This part was inside again and was really scary again! The whole Event was so much fun!

So today will probably be a normal, a little lazy sunday and later I will go to Ben and Jerry's (although it's really cold outside... :D) and have a Pizza Party! :D


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