Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

My first post

Hey everybody,
today I'm writing the first blog post in my life. :)
As there are only 38 days left until my departure to the US, I decided to start my blog about my year abroad today.

But first of all, some information about myself:
My name is Sophie, I'm from Germany and I'm going to spend the next year in Pittsfield, MA, where I'm also going to go to school. The reason why I'm able to do this, is the ASSIST organization, which gave me an partial scholarship. ASSIST is a nonprofit, international educational and cultural exchange organization based in the United States and active in more than 20 countries around the globe. 
After lots of paperwork for the application, I was invited for two tests and an interview with some members of ASSIST where I met about 100 other applicants from Germany. Before my interview I was very excited because I knew that this would be really important. But everybody was friendly so my nervousness decreased from minute to minute. After the tests, I neither felt really pleased nor disappointed. I just wasn't able to say if I had been good or if I hadn't. Unexspectedly, the time was flying until this one day. I still know how happy I was when I received an email from ASSIST, in which I was told that I would get an partial scholarship.

The email with the next important step, my school placement, arrived about two months later. I had been accepted at the Miss Hall's School, an amazing girls boarding school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. And this school just seems to be the perfect school for me! :)

See you next time,


  1. hi sophie-ie-ie ;-)
    wow, even the blog is in english! so i will also have to challange my rather rusty english skills over the next year. so excited for you, this will be an amazing (you have to learn to use the word "amazing" in every other sentence in the us) experience and i am very much looking forward to follow you through you year in pittsfield!

  2. should read "challenge" in the first line, but the blog didn't let me correct this ;-)
    have fun, you go girl!!!
    hugs and kisses,