Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Exams cancelled, snow days - a crazy start of the second semester/end of first semester

Hey everyone!

Although it has only been 3 days, there has so much happened that I just felt the Need to share this totally crazy and chaotic (half) week with you.

So on Sunday, I basically just went back to School, where I talked to one of my friends from Germany for almost two hours. Then, in the afternoon, we got an email that told us that there would NOT be any english exam (!) and that because of snow (again!) the School wasn't sure whether the science exam could take place on monday as scheduled or not. Really excited, but also not really exspecting anything, as we have had predictions like this multiple times before, I went to bad.

This morning, I was just in the bathroom when we got the exciting message: snow free and no exams!!! Totally excited, I told all my friends, before I went to breakfast at 9. Afterwards, I basically just hung out with my roommate and JAckie, my day Student friend, who had stayed at School over night. After lunch, we went outside (it was still snowing, like basically the entire day), borrowed a camera from  the photo lab and spend over an hour outside taking lots of crazy and amazing Pictures in the over 1 ft deep snow!!! :) As the science exam was moved to Tuesday morning, we just went to regular study hall. Jackie and I shared a classroom, where we just filed the entire Whiteboard with formulas and Charts when our phone vibrated, telling us that MHS would "remain closed on Tuesday until noon. More Information will be provided in an email". BEing total excited about more times, we went back to studying. 10 minutes later, we got the email that made us all Freak out completely: "due to the weather, there will not be any science exams Held." Although we would have all probably done well on the exam, we were so HAPPY because that meant that most of us had either no more exams or an exam critique!!! As there was nothing to study for, we pent the rest of study hall with other Girls just doing nonsense and enjoying not having to study!

As I have absolutely NOTHING to do tomorrow, I will probably just hang out with Jackie and my roommate again and just enjoy the time! Oh, and btw: there's more snow predicted for wednesday and thursday night! WE'll see - I'll keep you updated! ;)


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