Samstag, 31. Januar 2015


Hey everyone!
First of all, I am SO SORRY that there weren't any Posts for nearly one month now. SO I'm gonna give you a short update on what happened until now.

The rest of Christmas break was a lot of fun; my first american Christmas was an experience I'll never Forget, thanks to everyone who send something over! :) After Christmas break, we relaxed a lot until we had to get back to School in early January.

After two regular, but stressfull weeks of School, everybody started to realize that there was only one week left til Semester finals, which made the following week evern more stressful. Everybody has two write a 2-hour exam for each of their classes, which are Held in the gym. It started with US History on Sunday, followed by Latin and Math on Tuesday. The plan was to have the Science Exam on Tuesday and the English exam on Wednesday followed by a Long weekend til Sunday. But, thanks to snow Blizzard Juno, Miss Hall'S decided to cancel them and allowed us to leave on monday already. The exams were moved to the following Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and btw, although the Blizzard was supposed to bring 3 ft, it ende up bringing like 5 inches :D.

For Long Weekend, I ewnt to another friends house who I have History and English class with.
On Monday, we basically just watched movies, ate Food and talked a lot. :D On Tuesday, we finishes the first season of Gossip Girl :D and just relaxed. On Wednesday, we had a pretty relaxed day as well (I mean, what's better than this for a Long Weekend? :)) , but in the evening I got invited to go to FLORIDA(!!!!!!) for Spring Break with them. After asking my parents and getting the permission (THANK YOU AGAIN! :)), my friend and I started looking at the Hotel and we both got so PUMPED!!! Additionally, two other friends also came over for a sleep over, which was a lot of fun! We also watched "The Interview", which was a Little weird, but still funny! :)´On Thursday, we were planning on going to a Little City nearby right in the morning but as it was literally freezing outside, we instead stayed home and went to the outlets in the afternoon instead. It was a ton of fun, and I found myself some really nice things as well! :) On Friday, we didn't really do anything... :)
Today (Saturday), my friend went to Dance practice, so her mom took her sister to riding lessons and drove up to the mall with me, where I saw some really pretty Bikinis for Florida (didn't buy them though) and bought a bunch of Food for my room!

Tomorrow, I'm going back to School, before I will have to take my last two exams. And then ist only 4 more weeks til Florida!!!

Exam Care Pakage from the best Advisor *-*

Going out for dinner with my hostmum

Selfie with new Sweater :D

my friend's dog :)

Cat #1

Cat #2

no comment :D

Frozen Yoghurt with the best advisor *-*

the school's exam care package

Frozen :D

the cat again

Shopping fire Wood for the (not coming) blizzard

Okay.... It was like 5 inches

Spoon and Knife in one = Spife? :D

A selfie with the dog :D


sparkling cider (=Apfelschorle!) NO ALCOHOL! :D

Cat #2 again

Having a giant chalkboard on your wall is a pretty cool idea I guess

Gossip Girl Marathon

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